Random Thought

I quote potent scriptures like a reverend
my will is real, call me will because I am legend
maybe that’s a long shot, but I can measure
I just want to shine, so I’m going to keep showing u my hidden treasure
they say I’m misunderstood, but honestly I never met her
how I’m too cold, they think I should sweater
no coogi or izod though, I’m just trying to be cool so it’s more like a sweatshirt
but it seems that something is always storming no matter the weather
now, I would never say I’m the best but sometimes I feel that shoe fits me better
but I don’t stand alone, my achievements raise hope so hopefully we’ll rise up together
it’s crazy this society string us up with so many lies until it’s hard to break the tether
that’s why I think I’m different in every texture
excuse me for this lecture
fame, yup I reject her
pain, comes from all the pressure
peace, I wish I could catch her
this wordsmith want to put his worship on every surface like a projector
I finally bare the fruits of the spirit so it’s only right I enjoy the nectar

Peace Fest

Hopefully, this summer will be one to remember
peace fest, yeah I’m attending, hopefully it’ll be in august or september
peace fest hopefully can delete stress
hopefully it can ease this pest that sits on my back and rest
but I digress
peace fest hopefully will blind lies
and unwind evil ties
peace fest hopefully will legalize
maybe not, but it’s something u may soon realize
peace fest where real lies
in the same ground this city was founded, but we’re so bounded because no one tries
the sound of negativity surround us like subwoofers blasting about how someone dies
Chicago a city of wind and so many unfortunate mothers’ cries
see that’s why this peace fest is needed, to show that through art, a crumbled city can rise
c’mon, avert your ears and eyes
this concert and comfort your lives
so the next time u chill guys
make sure when u do, u do at peace fest

Random Thought

Trying to get more numbers accounted for, my accountant can’t even count them
but not in the spotlight though, that’s nonsense
I just want to be an inspiration, I want to be known for giving a positive conscience
I guess it started when I first left earth, yeah I’m far gone and haven’t been back since
been tripping a lot lately, but haven’t packed since
I hope this make sense
but then again I’m not whole, so I don’t have enough to make cents
I hold too much in like I have no air vents
I throw shade because I avoid the spotlight like tents
I just want to own some comfort, because I don’t like to rent
I think I sin too much to the point it’s pointless to repent
plus I never got a response from that letter heaven sent
I mean am I wrong for not being her superman, sorry no clark kent
is it selfish to want to get more butt than a park bench
I been hurt, that’s why my words are so cold from my heart that’s drenched
these nightmares are squeezing the life out of me, but I’m confused because I feel every pinch
that’s why I’m trying to fix my life with no tool box, just a wrench
I feel like I’m losing this fight, let me slow things down, that’s why I’m leaning and holding on my future like a clench
just giving up is bullsh*t, excuse the stench
If u think I’m just another statistic, u got me f***ed up, excuse my french

Random Thought

She got a body like an acrobat

yeah, she’s action packed

but she’s trying to get that absence back

I was gonna tell her she was beautiful, but I had my caption snatched

I can tell she wash’t the open type, I knew that her heart was latched

she told me that it was like I was throwing it at her

yeah, that’s true I’m not gonna lie, so I hope she can catch

but respect I gave because she had the personality to match

plus I already got attached

but she kept sending me off, I felt like a dispatch

and to be honest with all these come downs my heart was beginning to feel attacked

who am I kidding, maybe it was just an itch I need scratched

or should I just walk away and admit to a fail

I tried but her body was like what the hell

I wanted to feel on her like I was reading braille

if her love was like jail, then I’m not trying to bail

I’ll dig for for her affection, hand me my shovel and pail

I know at the point I’m just riding the wings of hope, well watch me sail

but was it love or lust, honestly I can’t tell

too bad I had to break her spell

because when I woke up it was already twelve


Happy Birthday Mom

Picture a woman
a sister
a mother
a grandmother
going to the doctor for a routine check up
but get smacked with news of breast cancer
her chest feeling tight just from the pure shock
fear swelled her blood vessels
as she bravely asks if it’s treatable
afraid of what the doctor would say
she instead put on a unfazed face
as the doctor says, “since we detected it early, yes but u have to have surgery”
after that everything else went blank
she just thanked God for giving her another chance
on her way home she thinking how to break it to the family
a family gathering would be the best way
so on the day of this Christmas play at this mega church
I was told my mother’s fate
which turned what was suppose to be a joyous occasion
into a migraine of pain in my heart and brain
thinking if my mom will be ok
truly feeling scared
after that day I felt numb like I was in a coma but fully awake
it’s like my family just can’t catch a break
the day of the surgery, I really considered not going
but realized it’s not about me, its about her
this piece of s*** disease latched to my mother
there she was in the hospital bed right before that time
looking like it never phased her
like this killer wasn’t going to break her
her strength taught me that day, that it doesn’t really matter how strong u are on the outside
just make sure that what’s on the inside is way stronger
my mom is a breast cancer survivor

with much love and appreciation from your son, thank you


Random Thought

Hell froze

If I ever quit

hell no

can I get a lift

who the hell knows

my nose grows

every time my lies let hope float

and let it be known it’s no joke

I told half truths by the boat load

but now my mind so open I can’t fold

I’m trying to heat your ears with words so cold

I feel like people beyond believe the honesty I told

negative people have a negative hold

so negativity I chose

I tell them “keep talking and I’ll make sure your lens see my low hand”

“yeah, and he have a twin who want to join friend”

but enough of that, back to positive thinking again

all I want to do is win

but all I end up doing is sin

I mean my dreams are right there, they’re closer than kin

go ahead and get that stuff from my tin

the knowledge hits u in an instant plus it’s smooth going in

I hope my lines are hypnotic mixed with gin

drunk off my love for writing

because it’s so inviting and exciting

It’s crazy all this time I was thinking, damn was this what was so frightening?

I thought I would just give a couple points like the helmet of a viking

but who knew I would take a liking

I reminisce about my days of a titan

trying to shock the ones who mocked me with my lightening

but that was back when I never used words, I was always fighting

nowadays I’m just hoping that this will be my master piece

because this art has truly captured me

which saved me, because my nightmares had me falling off and almost fractured me

but that’s another story or tragedy

It’s messed up, every time I try to have my cake and eat it too, I end up battered gee

love stinks when it rot like packaged meat

that’s why I need to get a better grip on my field of dreams like a soccer cleat

my work will have u thinking u were my client

I’m far from violent

remember that titan from earlier, well sometimes he has his tyrant

but no matter what I’m going to always make space for this like a hydrant

I’m one u can look up to like a giant

it’s crazy what my mind can come up with when I’m not even trying


Random Thought

Her ocean smells like rainwater

whenever I’m inside her border

the things I’m about to do to someone’s daughter

I’m about to make her shoot fireworks how I’m playing with her mortar

she said I was on game because I didn’t court her

I mean when I saw her on that corner

first thought was to bend her over and make her take my snaps like I’m playing quarter

plus with all my problems, I didn’t want to bore her

that’s why after I explored her, I ignore her

because I didn’t want her thinking I need more of her

but then again I rarely seen this

plus I have the this urge to thread her needle, my little seamstress

she said the cunning of this one have me cumming from cunnilingus

I received a standing ovation how I was drumming with my penis

soon after she pledging her allegiance

like I was her leader

just because I chose to beat her instead of greet her

maybe I should keep her

my one in a million, it’s crazy her name was aaliyah

Happy Mother’s Day

We as men always appreciate u

for raising a life, which is beautiful

we appreciate u

for cleaning off our little boo boo’s

and for putting us in our place whenever our lips run loose

we appreciate u

for giving us love which only dreams can produce

and can also brighten even the deepest darkest blues

we appreciate u

for giving us tough love with no excuse

even through painful truth

even when we disregarded your clues

u still gave us positive news

we appreciate u

that one thing we do not want to lose

that’s why we show u all so much love from unlimited views

it’s because we appreciate u

So Blind

So I’m headed to Skybox

looking like a cyclops

but it don’t even matter as long as I have my eye drops

because I have to stay clear as I watch

naked ballerinas come to vision when the light spots

I have to prove myself so I got money from head to toe, I even have ones ties to my socks

it wasn’t really my knack but the opportunity revealed itself so tonight I knocked

I’m really tripping my ass off,  yeah I flopped

and I’m not going to lie my insecurities, fears, and flaws might have stopped

was it me or the gin that I rocked

it seems that I may have finally found that key that always kept my confidence locked

I know this may be a little crazy but I don’t mind being mocked

because it’s like I only have seconds on my clock

if u doubt me lets swap


Girl I want u in the worst way

I think I need a sprite because I’m thirsty

I’m going to make your body pay like it’s thursday

been craving for your touch since the first day

see wordplay is my forte so I use it like foreplay

let me tease u then beat u like horse-play

I feel so secure when I’m inside your doorway

so I continue to flood her like Norway

because she can climb my pole like cirque du soleil

then she say thank u like merci

see I’m under her spell, her love is a curse to me

I mean being in a perfect situation when you’re imperfect seems worse to me

saying I can walk away and leave her alone, well that’s perjury

but u know what the worst thing is, that might be my third degree