Random Thoughts

I was looking in the foreground and couldn’t help but notice her daydream flashbacks of me holding her exposing her to raw beauty her skin resemble an angel without the wings she was gifted her breast legs ass along with other things had me lifted took her home couldn’t wait until the bedroom so we ended up in the kitchen exploring her like a map I settled at an all u can eat breakfast spot down south so I got my fill until she overspill her tap I tasted her sap then entered inside her I swear it was a wrap going down her hallways bumping into every corner until her walls began to talk then we had to suddenly part ways because she couldn’t take it anymore as her lips swelled and what seemed to be a waterway in her passageway scratches on my back eventually heal although painful can’t help but love the feel then I wake up erected dumbfounded underwear ruined thinking damn that wasn’t real