Happy Birthday Mom

Picture a woman
a sister
a mother
a grandmother
going to the doctor for a routine check up
but get smacked with news of breast cancer
her chest feeling tight just from the pure shock
fear swelled her blood vessels
as she bravely asks if it’s treatable
afraid of what the doctor would say
she instead put on a unfazed face
as the doctor says, “since we detected it early, yes but u have to have surgery”
after that everything else went blank
she just thanked God for giving her another chance
on her way home she thinking how to break it to the family
a family gathering would be the best way
so on the day of this Christmas play at this mega church
I was told my mother’s fate
which turned what was suppose to be a joyous occasion
into a migraine of pain in my heart and brain
thinking if my mom will be ok
truly feeling scared
after that day I felt numb like I was in a coma but fully awake
it’s like my family just can’t catch a break
the day of the surgery, I really considered not going
but realized it’s not about me, its about her
this piece of s*** disease latched to my mother
there she was in the hospital bed right before that time
looking like it never phased her
like this killer wasn’t going to break her
her strength taught me that day, that it doesn’t really matter how strong u are on the outside
just make sure that what’s on the inside is way stronger
my mom is a breast cancer survivor

with much love and appreciation from your son, thank you