Random Thoughts

It’s crazy but one thing I always tell the ladies is that Im different my mindset my dreams my swag even just the way I am are all different from what they’re used to Ill elaborate instead of saying how sexy a woman is I say how beautiful they are because she is and will always be considered a queen in my eyes nothing is more beautiful when I look at a woman Im not acknowledging her chest or butt Im looking deep through those eyes to see what her personality might be like or if her smile could light up a room and last but not lease those hips for if their made for childbearing my seed if she had all three that’s all I need yea Im just a different kind of guy see Im not the type to act like something or someone I’m not in fact this sickens me no I am who I am I don’t try to impress a woman with what I don’t have I feel that a woman will be impressed with who I am and what I’m trying to become yes I am confident but women like a confident man right see I told u I’m different when I talk to a woman I listen so I can be well informed on who she is I want to get familiar with her personality traits her dreams her future plans her interests and her priorities I want to know as much as I can so I never get tired of who she is honesty is a huge factor for me as I always keep things 100% real no sugar coating here if Im blessed by the chance of making love to u I will make u feel wanted and needed and guarantee u that your fantasies will be met your pure excitement is my fuel your body will be my canvas and I will paint the perfect priceless portrait no more little boy sex I’ll show u grown man affection passion that’ll make the gods blush Im a different kind of man by now u should know that but if u still have doubts I’ll show u