A Song for Her (snippet)

There’s nothing I wont do for u

no no no

ooo ooo ooo

and I just want to love u too

and be with u, it’s whatever boo

u can see that I want u in my life

because I treat u like you’re already my wife

this lost soul finally has light

used to be all alone now I hold u all night

when I hold u tight in my arms, I’m so high it’s like I just took flight

I left all the other ones in search for miss right

she’s my sunshine, and I’m her knight

making up is all I want to do with u instead of fight

because our love is strong and oh so bright

trust me there’s nothing I wont do for u




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Happy Valentines Day (After Dark Edition)

She whispers in my ear, “I’m going to deflower u”

Right before I told her, I’m going to devour u”

She hoped that I wasn’t misguided

Then this miss guided me to her room

As I go down, her legs split

My hands grip her hips

As my lips tenderly kiss her clit

She starts leaking as she muffles,

“Damn how wet am I going to get before u hit, ooh s*** that’s my spot don’t quit”

She’s rubbing her upper thigh while I make my tongue dip

I’m inside her, I can taste her then she screams and backs away a little bit

But I chased her

I went over the alphabets, I even traced her

I soon stopped and faced her

Since she started turning up the base more

She quickly mash my face inside her screaming, “more!!”

I was in too deep I could hear her walls talking

This was music to my ears

So I continued dribbling through her legs, she started calling me spalding

I was erected and throbbing

I could hear her labia jawing, “are u done stalking!!?”

Copyright 2014

This is part one of an erotica poem I tried. The second part is included in my collection of poetry, which is now available.


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Love Song (snippet)

This is our love song

lo lo

ve love

lo lo

ve love

said this is our long song

it was made just for us

more that just lust

strong foundation made from respect and trust

been a pair for half a lifetime and still can’t get enough

my turtle dove

my angel from heaven above

my love

lo lo

ve love

they say that we’re too young

we laugh like that’s dumb

I mean how old do u have to be to know that you’re drunk

the words rolling off the tip of her tongue had me sprung

from making love with the lights on

to writing u love letters to no ink is left, she’s the right one

we’re soaking up our passion like a sponge

I love to see u blush

more than a simple crush

my love

lo lo

ve love

Random Thoughts

I stiff arm haters like I’m battling rigor mortis

in any war I’m more like the tortoise

slow and steady

so I hope you’re ready

u try to act hard until u have that heat put on, then get soft like wet spaghetti

I keep my flow boxed in like a levy

too fly, I ride around in a spaceship like the old school chevy

I act like I’m carefree

though framed as a black figure that’s a little sketchy

all that hate and negativity is really unhealthy

I hope my words swarm your airstream like confetti

I’m a bright star please open up your blinds

If I add up these lines

then multiply my fan base five times

subtract the haters and my divide ends will equal cash

that should sum it up or do we need to do the math

like break it up in halves, fractions

see I’m all aout that action

“realtalented killed it”, should be the caption

amazed should be your reaction

all I spit is sinful hymns

that’s why day to day I try to repent my sins

I sometimes swallow my synonyms and antonyms like m&ms

got a lot to say that’s why I extend my pens

my sentences can cut deep like a razor

I’m fresh to death, I should start wearing blazers

the vapors from the papers got my eyes beaming red like lasers

watch me shock u like a taser

now haters are traced with envy

they try to end me but I keep coming back like that kid off south park, Kenny

see back in the day u pass the remy only if it wasn’t any henny

how u gonna be bull headed with no benny?

how u gonna come to america with no semi?

as long as I can continue to gain the respect from many

then someday, one day my pen will be my emmy

Random Thoughts

The words I disburse into a verse will grow on u as I unearth this curse Chicago my turf south side since birth I’m going to surf this new wave of attention they paying attention like I’m selling a dream a true write fiend and yeah I got that c.r.e.a.m. it’s in me like an ulcer but replace the cash with culture this is my art my sculpture but I can change it up like I’ll leave u decorated with metals to your chest like a soldier but that’s in the basement we just started this tour welcome this is my living room foyer I told u about the house I’m in but this was just a taste my friend so I hope u tune in because I want all eyes on me I even want your peripherals to zoom in……ok lets resume lets begin

Random Thought

A little simplistic how sadistic my mind works they say if u can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen and honestly that’s I’m pitching I’m slowly trying to loosen these lines that leave my brain in stitching I’m giving thanks for this thanksgiving they ask me how many lessons are u giving I say as long as they can respect talent it’s a given I’m stuck in a lyrical prison I hope I never see outside society that is they said it’s nonlethal I say more like poison that is exploding and corroding into pieces think I’m joking this heavy potion got me going posing as a writer but really a weirdo but that’s ok I’m still my own hero I write free verse but can create stanzas that resemble simple codes from nintendo I only pretend though hopefully you will be able to read my work on a kindle hold on I changed my mind I paid minds to pay attention but I never paid anything for my lines so pay attention or else I’m going to send u to detention u can read my lyrics, that’s the first step to prevention next u study them, that should be your intention then u will soon realize that the meditation from my lesson brings less tension I’m doing this for your own good there’s no pension real talk grown man status seriously no kidding I like being different 



Hey everybody Cleveland here, I hope everyone is enjoying and having a Happy Halloween. In the spirit of Halloween I was hoping to liven your day by asking the age ole question. What is your favorite scary movie?

Not all at once, I’ll go first….the Child’s Play movies, but only Child’s Play 1,2, and 3. The newer Chucky movies were whack in my opinion. So lets hear your favorite scary movie.

Random Thought

Random Thought

My Halloween started with nightmare on elm street as Freddy chased me through my dreams when I sleep those long claws in which to slash but move over for that psycho with a hockey mask Jason an indestructible mass fueled by anger as he tries to decapitate anyone he can then what I thought wouldn’t be so bad made me look at bees from a different glass candyman got me but I was stuck on child’s play a demonic toy which seemed too real I didn’t care what people say a doll killing people I’m not going to lie I had trouble with this moving on to killer clowns how can anyone forget IT teleporting around with blood filled balloons as a trick I’ll admit I was scared as s*** when the fear was gone from all but one, my lips are zipped hey sis, I watched this camp stories flick about some chick putting firecrackers in campers’ noses when they sleep from that day on I gave up on any camping trip then started watching tales from the crypt where a ghoul whose laugh encrypt my script with the older I get a little upset that there’s no good scary movies no more but what u expect no disrespect I just wanted to share this with u before I forget

Random Thought

The hand that was dealt to me was a full house my comfort zone is miles away so there’s no couch my foundation being my life got an outhouse for my little white lies, a bit tragic but that’s why I keep all my ideas in the attic the main bedroom being my talent the bathroom attachment is where I drown my sorrows in my tub of dope and flush away my pain in the toilet, my soul leaks from the faucet with my skeletons tucked away in the bedroom closet yet I’m still haunted so I added a vault to it the kitchen freezer where I keep my style because I’m cold like the cubes that are frosted the stove where I keep most heated debated pieces of my work connected to me like the tile floor in order for me to reintegrate I’m what u should refrigerate as life goes on my pen will add more stories to it I just hope I don’t get foreclosed or fold and lose it