I can remember every dream (RED) so vividly in my 27 years it’s scaring me reason because my dreams never have happy endings seriously if I’m not somehow getting murdered then I’m just shy of cumming this is really killing me how my thoughts are fixated on destroying my emotions where’s my sympathy what about my family do I even get a symphony it’s like my mind is fighting my body and my soul has it in for me what an epiphany maybe I should explain see back way back when I was regressing everyday (RED) the reasoning drove me insane see it was all I had to cope with all I had to retain when the past keeps repeating itself and those mind games keep playing how could u refrain there were moments where I could have been found slain and this is what I wanna go back to how can u not feel my pain there were more times I was so high I barely knew my name there was a time when I started hanging with a gang sold drugs just to cop me a new chain did what I had to just so I could reach my dream of street fame took me a while before I realized that stuff was really lame that’s why now I regret each day (RED) the things I’ve done i dare to say the games I played the various women I preyed villains I sprayed then slayed now these visions are coming back of each one of them laid in a grave a little boy in a man’s body enslaved see my life need a shave people need to get cut off in order for my future to be paved first I have to remove evil demons (RED) eradicate a few of those skeletons because my intelligence is more than relevant my words are heaven sent not saying that I’m God but one of his angels in every tint I’ve been doing this for more than a little bit so yea I’m confident its all over me my scent first I must repent I’m older now so those childish games just don’t fit I’m ashamed of my past and I’m proud of it that’s why I’m trying to reach epic distances (RED) and share my life as I go through my sentences with no filter I hope I won’t be judged for my differences my goal is to overcome this ignorance with words that paints pictures of things u never seen places u never been let my experiences flood your mind waves let them marinate and give u what u crave please let your hear buds taste every crumb please let my work sing out and ring eardrums (RED)