Random Thought

Her ocean smells like rainwater

whenever I’m inside her border

the things I’m about to do to someone’s daughter

I’m about to make her shoot fireworks how I’m playing with her mortar

she said I was on game because I didn’t court her

I mean when I saw her on that corner

first thought was to bend her over and make her take my snaps like I’m playing quarter

plus with all my problems, I didn’t want to bore her

that’s why after I explored her, I ignore her

because I didn’t want her thinking I need more of her

but then again I rarely seen this

plus I have the this urge to thread her needle, my little seamstress

she said the cunning of this one have me cumming from cunnilingus

I received a standing ovation how I was drumming with my penis

soon after she pledging her allegiance

like I was her leader

just because I chose to beat her instead of greet her

maybe I should keep her

my one in a million, it’s crazy her name was aaliyah

Happy Mother’s Day

We as men always appreciate u

for raising a life, which is beautiful

we appreciate u

for cleaning off our little boo boo’s

and for putting us in our place whenever our lips run loose

we appreciate u

for giving us love which only dreams can produce

and can also brighten even the deepest darkest blues

we appreciate u

for giving us tough love with no excuse

even through painful truth

even when we disregarded your clues

u still gave us positive news

we appreciate u

that one thing we do not want to lose

that’s why we show u all so much love from unlimited views

it’s because we appreciate u

So Blind

So I’m headed to Skybox

looking like a cyclops

but it don’t even matter as long as I have my eye drops

because I have to stay clear as I watch

naked ballerinas come to vision when the light spots

I have to prove myself so I got money from head to toe, I even have ones ties to my socks

it wasn’t really my knack but the opportunity revealed itself so tonight I knocked

I’m really tripping my ass off,  yeah I flopped

and I’m not going to lie my insecurities, fears, and flaws might have stopped

was it me or the gin that I rocked

it seems that I may have finally found that key that always kept my confidence locked

I know this may be a little crazy but I don’t mind being mocked

because it’s like I only have seconds on my clock

if u doubt me lets swap


Girl I want u in the worst way

I think I need a sprite because I’m thirsty

I’m going to make your body pay like it’s thursday

been craving for your touch since the first day

see wordplay is my forte so I use it like foreplay

let me tease u then beat u like horse-play

I feel so secure when I’m inside your doorway

so I continue to flood her like Norway

because she can climb my pole like cirque du soleil

then she say thank u like merci

see I’m under her spell, her love is a curse to me

I mean being in a perfect situation when you’re imperfect seems worse to me

saying I can walk away and leave her alone, well that’s perjury

but u know what the worst thing is, that might be my third degree


Is it me?

U say I’m awful

but at least I’m honest

u say I’m not thoughtful

but I kept every promise

u chose to leave because I lacked commas

because of u I choose to live in trauma

but the heat from our lust is always hot like a sauna

so closed minded but when you’re horny you’re always open like a diner

see I’m tired of all of your rough patches, I need something finer

I mean I’m not so sharp but more like a b minor

left in the dark so long my heart grew black as coal, who will be my miner

maybe she was right, I’m too laid back like a recliner

the thoughts are nice sometimes, but they bring nightmares of a painful reminder

so at the end of the day I walk away because my life is on a limited timer

Random Thought

I swear my lines tell the truth

I never lied in any booth

I learned to sever ties from my youth

out with the old and hopefully into the news

but only for positive views

they say I wouldn’t bust a grape, but I’m known to have the juice

hold up wait I’m confused, but yet amused

with my heart easily bruised and my nightmares running loose

it’s frightening sometimes, that’s why I’m yelling truce

but now I can breathe better because my therapy helps unloosed that noose

my writing will get u drunk like booze

because everything I say is 100 proof

Someone Like U?

I wish I had someone like u

yeah, I think I need someone like u

I mean all my life I’ve been looking for someone like u

if I just had one night with someone like u

I would sing a lullaby and tuck in someone like u

I want to spend the rest of my nights with someone like u

the joy in my eyes reflect someone like u

the reason I write, to impress someone like u

I swear to the heavens that I’ll be blessed with someone like u

my love or more like my devotion, only beats for someone like u

and it’s deeper than any ocean with depths I’m willing to swim for someone like u

even in death, life flashes memories of someone like u

but it’s too bad I can’t really picture someone like u

because my visible flaws block me from…….someone like u


Random Thought

U can’t touch me like a flawless victory

even my dreams are missing me

it’s crazy that people still judge based off your history

I’m living in misery, physically

that’s why I’m going to out shine and show the best of my ability

because the thought of failing is really killing me

and just because I choose not to curse, doesn’t mean I can’t destroy u lyrically

like that road runner, u can’t get rid of me

just because I let my flaws limit me

doesn’t mean that’s the end of me

u got to be kidding me

but people are going to hate, I’ll just dust them off like ceiling debris

I should spiritually go on a killing spree

but nah that just isn’t me

I’ll rather say something that will leave your limbs exposed like a tree

I feel boxed in, rather locked in, can someone help me find the key

my lines never lie, I’m connected to my words like wedding rings, I swear the art got me down on one knee

my flow steady like a stream, hopefully it can move u like a current in the ocean, so for now I guess I’ll sea

they say it takes more than two tries to get something perfect, it’s fate that my name is followed by a three

Her Reflection

In my eyes there were two of u

two identical traces of beautiful

their reflections had me stuck like superglue

and to be honest I’ve been taking medication like I had the flu

but I know what I’m seeing is true, at least I think so, really I don’t have a clue

I was nothing more than a pawn in the game of seduction, but along with other things my curiosity grew

I was dumbfounded, I can see her angelic features in u

and vise versa

their heavenly bodies was what I worship

even though it was 5 in the morning, I was still their knight in our courtship

I didn’t even mind that it was priced at purchase

because at that time it was twice as worth it