I’m in outer space feeling like I’m out of space about to space out my pace to this race is untraceable I’m a real and honest dude there’s an endangered few my ish isn’t kosher but shouldn’t matter unless you’re a jew I’m immaculate in your view that triangle face will rack up your crew for that eight ball as soon as I give the cue talent stuck to me like glue u can try to body this but my bite resembles a hippopotamus when I get hungry them dots connect four in your chest and I’m not going to be sorry because u should have gotten a clue I apologize for my tourette’s I’m just warning u I do it all I’m versatile not that social though so when people see me they say we never heard of u that’s cool what happened to them good old days I wish I had my childhood back I like my life was reversible the lyrical ammunition I hold can leave u topless like a convertible so maybe with more views I can someday become your idol and if not then I’m going to call u a pawn because if u come at me wrong you’re clearly suicidal see this is very vital for those with a one track mind like a unicycle I’m cold like AK I spit glaciers like the rifle I’m sometime spiteful my company is delightful its nothing I can’t write to  

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

The fall season reminiscent images get dreamt about October 15 this is normal for me the birthday of the cousin that was taken from me felt like a piece was stolen out of me that’s why I’ve been so far gone still get emotional because I feel I need u now like that one Smokie Norful song my road dog the little brother I always wanted all along the day November 3rd etched in my brain as five bullets ripped through his flesh in pain left slumped dumped on the side of road man that s*** was cold I’m so froze knowing that we won’t get a chance to grow old didn’t cry until months later because I didn’t know how to cope anger and retaliation had a hold on me like good dope but chose to clean my life but I’m running out of soap considered a worst day if he was here wouldn’t know what word to say better yet I’ll ask him why were u over there in the first place and tell him that I’m good but finally trying to educate people about our birthplace but I feel like I’m in third place because I didn’t catch him in time never considered this a cursed day because even though you’re gone I’m going to still make u proud verse by verse until we meet again little “cuz” happy birthday

Spark Up (a conversation)

Me: Hey you’re beautiful 

Her: What u say? (confused)

Me: I’m just being truthful 

Her: Where u going? Why are u going that way?

Me: I just thought I could cheer up your day 

Her: That’s fine by me, ok? (smiling)

Me: How are u by the way, what’s your name?

Her: I’m fine thanks, I’m Kush 

Me: Hold on, like the bush? (smiling)

Her: One of the same, what about u?

Me: Cleveland

Her: Like the city?

Me: Yes indeedy that part about me is true 

Me: So I have to ask, do u smoke?

Her: Nope

Me: Aw damn, false hope

Her: Just kidding, u think with a name like Kush, c’mon now

Me: Yea, I should have seen that coming (laughing)

Her: U?

Me: Yes ma’am, I smoke so much it’s apart of my hue

Her: You’re cute and funny too (laughing)

Me: Thank u, but I thought cute was for babies, just kidding I told u how I feel I had to pursue 

Her: You’re smooth and I like your confidence (smiling) 

Me: Hey how about we smoke and I’ll let u examine all the evidence?

Her: Ok that sounds interesting, here I brought my own medicine

Me: What a blessing, she’s truly heaven sent (pondering)



Random Thoughts

Nowadays everybody want to be dope dealers whatever happened to the go getters whatever happened to them hope visions it’s like they sending in more petitions to become morticians partaking in all that is forbidden acting like everything will be forgiven they try to run things with that long nose Scottie Pippen but the barrel always leave them tripping they sometimes plot a killing just from the way u sitting and how about the deadly war over sneakers whatever happened to the leaders who could move a group like preachers whatever happened to the teachers who should walk around with a sign saying, “your children really need us” whatever happened to them inspirational speakers I’ll be honest I do have dope lines but the only trap house I know of is my mind my tongue is the only crime but instead I use it to shine we are slowly dying we need someone to speak for us because if not the world will be left blind 

Short Story

Short Story

Everybody always ask how I really got started with writing poetry. Well back when I was a shortie my parents always wanted to put me in some summer program, so I would stay out the streets. From summer school, to karate classes, to tumbling. Around the age of 9 or 10, my mom signed me up for summer classes at Kennedy King college. It was like a summer school but for writing and arts. The English/Language class had a final assignment to recite Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still I Rise”. I didn’t even know who that was at the time. As I’m reading my lines, by the way the teacher probably saw something in me because she gave me 4 lines to recite. Side note there was this girl named Nia who also had 4 lines as well, she was pretty as hell she was crush number two. Anyway I’m reading the lines over and over I couldn’t help but to read the whole poem. Every time I read it I understood more and more of what she was saying. The flow of beautiful words and how she put them together was amazing. The day of the recital in front of all of our parents we began. The whole time I was reciting the other lines in my head. When it came to my turn I proudly said my lines, “Just like moons and like suns, with the certainty of tides”, which forced an applause from my mother, all four times. I soon noticed after my last line, “Leaving behind nights of terror and fear, I rise”, that Nia gave me a look and a smile. A week from that day I bought Maya Angelou’s book of poetry. This really opened me up to other poets including, Robert Frost, Nikki Giovanni, Emily Dickinson, and Langston Hughes, just to name a few. I ended up falling in love with their words and how they told a story, had a deep message, or just pure euphoria. I really respected the power of words, it truly inspired me to try to move an audience and here I am today still trying.

Random Thoughts

My mind is in stitches and often glitches from time to time maybe my voice have the wrong pitches but it doesn’t matter because no one listens this little star is going to shine better yet glisten like a prism wish I knew the reason what’s the reason why people want to mistreat me do they know my secret, that I’m so sick I refuse treatment do I seem that creepy eyes not so clear lids glazed over like I’m sleepy u assume I’m high or sneaky just because I want to embrace everything beautiful u call me greedy unlike the words of tweedy what u thought u saw isn’t what it really is stick up kid not at all but don’t be so quick to decide u will be surprised how I handle mine I say something that will get your feet shuffling u will think it’s hammer time I get lost in my boredom when I hide from society that’s how I manage my time 

Un Apologetic

Un Apologetic

I’m unapologetic for the things I was born with
for the bad luck and trouble that persist
truthfully it made me better may I insist
had to change my life, this writing is a helpful assist
vague resemblance of a writer exists
it’s powerful how i can control words with just a flick of my wrist
I’m unapologetic for this book’s cover
they never told u it’s not good to judge others?
tired of nay sayers, haters, and blood suckers
u don’t appeal to me, you’re not real to me because it’s your life that suffers
my life is a clutter
but I’m finally straightening things up, where’s my swiffer duster
I’m unapologetic for my addiction to beautiful faces
and it’s true I love all races
because honestly I look for the angel that traces
I consume their auras just to get wasted
but nervous to approach them like they were sacred
with so many heavenly creatures I’m faded
I’m unapologetic for being elevated
how 420 is so regularly celebrated
ok maybe that’s a little exaggerated
I might be considered a pothead but I’m well educated
those euphoric buds really have me infatuated
got tired of people trying to school me, so I graduated
the person I’ve become is poetic
a little pathetic but u have to respect it
I am who I am, I’m unapologetic

Random Thoughts

Damn, right now I’m so high and I don’t want to get weighed down like a wet feather especially when it’s stressful on those rainy days like may weather be careful for what u say hit them like mayweather her name was heather she was a true treasure we made good music every beat by measure she was my pleasure even through all of her lectures we were tethered together simply because we were better together made me feel special because she told me she will see me whenever said she loves every endeavor and effort just to get her attention but was still on the fence or something until I showed her my extension no fronting on business when I showed up scoping u out like I was hunting she got my blood pumping my loins jumping the jealous type when I saw her with someone else so I decided to confront him moments later me giving this dude a beating like he was my stuntman got thrown out regret sunk in then felt a little sorry for all the lumped skin she came running out yelling that I’m dumped again and then told me not to come again damn another one decided to run again this the third club I was thrown out of incase u were wondering honestly it’s just a summer fling I know I couldn’t have said a dumber thing but I have to lie to myself because without them my confidence shrink, see I have more problems than u think   

Random Thoughts

Take your seat now because I’m about to use my words to give u a verbal beat down no cookies in the cookie jar because talent is the only thing I reach now the first call to opportunity they hung up so I just redial this writing stuff saved my life I’m not in those streets now u can put my words to beats or a freestyle but I don’t because I like my style though a little hostile its definitely worthwhile the life consist of reminiscent nightmares that’s why I usually put three in rotation like a turnstile this is it a one way ticket to my life snippet it’s different in a good way but truly sickening so buckle up because it’ll hit u like a head on collision with a monster truck as real as a dollar bill in me they trust it’s me they chose never just given to me like a free throw I’m respectfully trying to wear that number one on me like D Rose then maybe u will think “damn he’s bold”……truth told