Random Thought

U said u mine, well I want to see a visual

I mean how many pennies do I need to toss in that wishing well

U have angelic features and u listen well

I swear heaven is where u clearly fell

The days I’m not with u are literally hell

I promise to never make u wait, so lose your scale

And I’m going to always fight for u, every tooth and nail

They say it’s not love, but whose to tell

U stole my heart, but I chose to sell

U chose friendship, so I chose to bail

It left my heart bitter like any ale

She was a winner but she gave me a L

….she was the one that got away….

……this was love dot  dot  dot



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Random Thought

Way back when we were macking and smashing

laughing and cracking

but no more of that action

now that you’re packing

no more asking what happened

even though u were acting

but I’m the one tripping, ain’t nobody mapping

she’s mad, she’s constantly tapping

her emotions keep stacking

which was followed by on going nagging

u never used to act like this back then

she say a heart was what I was lacking

but you’ll be back following me like I’m your captain

she got mad and started bashing

looking like she about to shoot and I’m the basket

she said I will never be king again, I guess I’m jack then

took a breath and refrained from japping

because she knew how to push my buttons like it was her knack then

a weakness among most back men

but I ate every word like I was snacking

I just gave her a round of applause, yup I started clapping

that’s when she started smacking

I left her while her lips were still flapping

then gave her two fingers like I was gang flagging

so in this instance who u think was over reacting


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Happy New Year

Hello my fellow WordPress family first off Happy New Year I hope everyone is doing well. I apologize for being away from u all for so long but I’ve been working on a few projects. A couple of these projects include, the first short story from my collection of short stories. As well as a few skits and an entrepreneurial project. This year will be a hectic one but I can’t wait. I promise to keep my WP family updated with every move I make so stay tuned. Let me come back in a sort of big way, check out the first recordings of the new year. I hope u all enjoy


Let me wipe u down

baby girl you’re so wet

I’m going to pipe u down

some of my best work yet

told her to bite down

as I go south to her thirst net

she c**, we come down

even though we just met

over and over from sun up to sun down

until I give her flashbacks like a war vet

she starts breaking down

it was all that lying I bet

telling me she needs to lie down

and all I can do is sweat

thinking that her wrath was about to fall down

I was deep in a sea of regret

I did what I did, so just before I bow down

she said these are shaky waters, u don’t have your feet set

I’m thinking, who she about to call down

but say something stupid like, how deep those waters really get

she laughs, as she starts calming down

we kiss, that’s when I realized I’m going to be even deeper in her debt


Random Thought

I put my life on paper because it’s pleasurable

I’m trying to write my wrongs, I hope it’s legible

I swear my creativity organic like a vegetable

but no need to lecture u

I’m chilling in my vestibule with a special view

I’m trying to piece my life together with extra glue

I’m all charged up like a mustang, shout out to SMU

see I say things a little awkward just to mess with u

I’ve loosened up like there’s nothing else left to screw

I did everything right so there’s nothing else left to do

my worst nightmares, yeah I met a few

did some messed up things, I had to step down from the pedestal

I had a bad temper, I used to let the kettle stew

but I’m back now protected from those dark clouds like I’m weather proof

I’m done with the lies so now I’m only selling truth

I never want to hit rock bottom, even if I had to wrestle u

that’s why I suggest success because I don’t want a failing clue

Me U & Hennessy remix (snippet)

U should come home tonight

I promise I’ll hit it right

no need to fuss and fight

lets just get drunk tonight

u look like good company

baby just come with me

better yet run to me

u taste like rum to me

then the room started spinning

plus my bed keep on shaking

but the room keep on spinning

I play with her mind

when I started licking

she forget what she thinking

her body drenched so, I started drinking

my d*** on the rise

let me stand up in it

then dive in your deep end

’cause making her c** is my mission

I’m gripping her thighs

got me pumping like a piston

I hope nobody’s listening

’cause I’m not stopping until I’m finished

this Hennessy featuring u

Would it be?

Would it be ok if I took your breath away

would it be great if I did everything u say

would it be nice to wake up to u everyday

would it be ok if u were the reason for my tooth decay

would it be great if u only had the truth to say

but u end up lying, making me want to heat u like this stew I made

then again would it be nice if I said I love u today

would it be ok if I invited u to play

would it be great if I asked u to stay all day

until u feel smothered, she’ll say

and that I can make her blue even when the skies are gray

would it be nice if we can just press replay

would it be ok if I kept chasing u like a relay

would it be great if I wasn’t so cliche

would it be nice if every time u needed me I was there with no delay

but you’re the type to sell my heart on eBay

the type to purposefully cheer for lebron whenever the heat play

would it be ok if I didn’t have to swallow my pride just to keep u safe

would it be great if u didn’t have anything cold to say

just once, would it be nice if I was late

just once, would it be ok if I date

left her alone and found out everything was great

can’t be your superman, there’s no more cape

so would it be nice to have a life without u…yeah, I just wish I could escape