Random Thought

My chest feel closed up like I drank from the ocean

thought I was coasting, but more like coping

please let me vent no more holding it in

how do u stretch out with walls closing in

how many nightmares am I supposed to be in

like this real life movie I chose to be in

been lost all my life, y’all thought I wasn’t supposed to win

lived a life of sin

grew up and picked up a pen

then again u probably heard this before, but you’re going to hear it again

this is pain

spilled blood from my vein

scared to be called plain

I see red when called lame

but I just calm down, that’s usually the “jane”

see when I’m pissed off that’s usually the drain

stressed out, I’m just trying to maintain

at the end of the day all I see is rain

u cannot say I have nothing to gain

success is the only thing I crave

I need that road of glory to be something that I pave

because I have loved ones I’m trying to live for from the grave

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