Random Thought

She got a body like an acrobat

yeah, she’s action packed

but she’s trying to get that absence back

I was gonna tell her she was beautiful, but I had my caption snatched

I can tell she wash’t the open type, I knew that her heart was latched

she told me that it was like I was throwing it at her

yeah, that’s true I’m not gonna lie, so I hope she can catch

but respect I gave because she had the personality to match

plus I already got attached

but she kept sending me off, I felt like a dispatch

and to be honest with all these come downs my heart was beginning to feel attacked

who am I kidding, maybe it was just an itch I need scratched

or should I just walk away and admit to a fail

I tried but her body was like what the hell

I wanted to feel on her like I was reading braille

if her love was like jail, then I’m not trying to bail

I’ll dig for for her affection, hand me my shovel and pail

I know at the point I’m just riding the wings of hope, well watch me sail

but was it love or lust, honestly I can’t tell

too bad I had to break her spell

because when I woke up it was already twelve


6 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. Funny and well written. Nice 🙂

  2. Major Props for keeping that rhyme scheme for so long through the poem. well worded my friend.

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