Random Thought

Hell froze

If I ever quit

hell no

can I get a lift

who the hell knows

my nose grows

every time my lies let hope float

and let it be known it’s no joke

I told half truths by the boat load

but now my mind so open I can’t fold

I’m trying to heat your ears with words so cold

I feel like people beyond believe the honesty I told

negative people have a negative hold

so negativity I chose

I tell them “keep talking and I’ll make sure your lens see my low hand”

“yeah, and he have a twin who want to join friend”

but enough of that, back to positive thinking again

all I want to do is win

but all I end up doing is sin

I mean my dreams are right there, they’re closer than kin

go ahead and get that stuff from my tin

the knowledge hits u in an instant plus it’s smooth going in

I hope my lines are hypnotic mixed with gin

drunk off my love for writing

because it’s so inviting and exciting

It’s crazy all this time I was thinking, damn was this what was so frightening?

I thought I would just give a couple points like the helmet of a viking

but who knew I would take a liking

I reminisce about my days of a titan

trying to shock the ones who mocked me with my lightening

but that was back when I never used words, I was always fighting

nowadays I’m just hoping that this will be my master piece

because this art has truly captured me

which saved me, because my nightmares had me falling off and almost fractured me

but that’s another story or tragedy

It’s messed up, every time I try to have my cake and eat it too, I end up battered gee

love stinks when it rot like packaged meat

that’s why I need to get a better grip on my field of dreams like a soccer cleat

my work will have u thinking u were my client

I’m far from violent

remember that titan from earlier, well sometimes he has his tyrant

but no matter what I’m going to always make space for this like a hydrant

I’m one u can look up to like a giant

it’s crazy what my mind can come up with when I’m not even trying


4 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. Still hittn them rhymes pastn time, its fit for tee perfection, easy flown and still growin. I like it! Margaritas n gin hypnotic n toxic. luvn it.. ❤ Saludos Amigo….

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