Is it me?

U say I’m awful

but at least I’m honest

u say I’m not thoughtful

but I kept every promise

u chose to leave because I lacked commas

because of u I choose to live in trauma

but the heat from our lust is always hot like a sauna

so closed minded but when you’re horny you’re always open like a diner

see I’m tired of all of your rough patches, I need something finer

I mean I’m not so sharp but more like a b minor

left in the dark so long my heart grew black as coal, who will be my miner

maybe she was right, I’m too laid back like a recliner

the thoughts are nice sometimes, but they bring nightmares of a painful reminder

so at the end of the day I walk away because my life is on a limited timer

4 thoughts on “Is it me?

  1. Enjoy your words- straight and to the point with a great rhythm behind them.


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