Girl I want u in the worst way

I think I need a sprite because I’m thirsty

I’m going to make your body pay like it’s thursday

been craving for your touch since the first day

see wordplay is my forte so I use it like foreplay

let me tease u then beat u like horse-play

I feel so secure when I’m inside your doorway

so I continue to flood her like Norway

because she can climb my pole like cirque du soleil

then she say thank u like merci

see I’m under her spell, her love is a curse to me

I mean being in a perfect situation when you’re imperfect seems worse to me

saying I can walk away and leave her alone, well that’s perjury

but u know what the worst thing is, that might be my third degree


6 thoughts on “Crave

  1. Beautifully written.

  2. Omg haha that was amazing:) the words you use puts your readers into your scenarios.

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