Someone Like U?

I wish I had someone like u

yeah, I think I need someone like u

I mean all my life I’ve been looking for someone like u

if I just had one night with someone like u

I would sing a lullaby and tuck in someone like u

I want to spend the rest of my nights with someone like u

the joy in my eyes reflect someone like u

the reason I write, to impress someone like u

I swear to the heavens that I’ll be blessed with someone like u

my love or more like my devotion, only beats for someone like u

and it’s deeper than any ocean with depths I’m willing to swim for someone like u

even in death, life flashes memories of someone like u

but it’s too bad I can’t really picture someone like u

because my visible flaws block me from…….someone like u


19 thoughts on “Someone Like U?

  1. I think you will find who you are looking for, my friend, because that person will be happy to have someone like u.

  2. very nice. I like this. reminds me of all the guys who are looking for “someone like me” except they really aren’t! they can’t really picture being with “someone like me.” I’m just a dream. Squandered once they see what’s behind the challenge. They hold on to those insecurities.

    As you can see, you’ve inspired me. keep writing!

  3. Love this. Half the battle of getting what you is knowing what you want.

  4. Reblogged this on Judge Me Not and commented:
    I think this is the internal monologue a lot of people have when they’re ready to love, but haven’t found the right person. We all want to find the right person for us who will make the world make sense. Opening your heart up is the hardest and potentially most painful thing you can do.

  5. You will never find that “someone like you,” that’s our imagination running wild of the perfect person we want, which is fun too ^-^….I do like to believe in the idea of— “someone destined for you”….

  6. I enjoyed this poem. I wish to play guitar just like a pro- same as I want to play golf like a pro, but back to guitar. I can’t find a single thing in my life worth sacrificing the time, effort, or money to pursue it πŸ™‚ Oh well, I’ll air guitar and wish another day. Thank you for sharing your lovely poem

  7. ohhhh….another one I like.!! Poems are my favorite because you have to express your feelings in a few words but convey huge messages…and emotions… However, that’s a hard task…but you seem to do it flawlessly πŸ˜‰

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