Random Thought

U can’t touch me like a flawless victory

even my dreams are missing me

it’s crazy that people still judge based off your history

I’m living in misery, physically

that’s why I’m going to out shine and show the best of my ability

because the thought of failing is really killing me

and just because I choose not to curse, doesn’t mean I can’t destroy u lyrically

like that road runner, u can’t get rid of me

just because I let my flaws limit me

doesn’t mean that’s the end of me

u got to be kidding me

but people are going to hate, I’ll just dust them off like ceiling debris

I should spiritually go on a killing spree

but nah that just isn’t me

I’ll rather say something that will leave your limbs exposed like a tree

I feel boxed in, rather locked in, can someone help me find the key

my lines never lie, I’m connected to my words like wedding rings, I swear the art got me down on one knee

my flow steady like a stream, hopefully it can move u like a current in the ocean, so for now I guess I’ll sea

they say it takes more than two tries to get something perfect, it’s fate that my name is followed by a three

13 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. Nice flow as always.

  2. |just because I let my flaws limit me
    doesn’t mean that’s the end of me

    I like this part

  3. Liking the rhythm and message of this! Excellent.

  4. Thank you so much for following International Eagles of Nigeria. God bless!!

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