Random Thought

I have to think about happiness, hakuna matada

while I’m sitting here watching “happy days”, sipping a pina colata

but I stand here hollow like an empty piñata

see, dreams are what I have a lot of

but my nightmares are more vivid, so I have to keep them locked up

haven’t been to sleep in days because that’s when they pop up

but no matter what, because I know i’m going the distance like a shot putt

7 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. i know what you are talking about, cling to this mindset like lifeline, you will sooner or may be a bit later reach where you want to reach!

  2. When the nightmares come to me, I tell them to STOP. It is my dream! Tell em to beat it-you own your Self. 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this. So fresh!

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