I once knew this model with angelic features like she strolled the catwalk in heaven
She wore my heart like a sash
It read first place prize
I knew I would get her one day
No someday
No sunday
So I rehearsed some pick up lines
But to my surprise she approached me
I’m thinking this can’t be happening
It must be something I just didn’t see
But we conversed anyway
Soon I can realize her true flaw in the traces of perfection
Her personality kept eyeing me
But I was only trying to focus on the two that were staring back at me
I mean can I be the shallow type and just go for looks
No that’s not right, damn conscience
My conscience on nonsense
With my mind made up
Self-consciously trying to speed our sidewalk date up
I told her, “it was nice to meet u”
She gave me her number
Or more like threw it at me, so I caught it like a receiver
Because she can receive this wide….
“No, no don’t start tweaking”
But it was hard because her spell had me thinking or more like dreaming
Can’t visualize too much or else I’ll turn into stone
Got home, thought a little then got into my zone
As I picked up the phone
I said, “hello may I speak to…”
Medusa once so beautiful that even the gods had no choice but to look at her
Turned into a monster who anyone wouldn’t dare to glance
This reminds me of her
Although a goddess, her personality transforms her into a different person
But I chose to look pass that now I’m stuck
I guess I wanted to seduce Medusa

copyright 2014

10 thoughts on “Medusa

  1. The young ladies today don’t know how to be a total package. Good description.

  2. **Admire this very much!**

  3. totally loved this

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