My Pride

Because of my pride

that’s the answer I always gave when I never replied

the reason why I never really tried

and the only reason why I lied

because of my pride

the reason why I can’t be that bad guy

the reason why I won’t sell u dreams because your body I want to buy

the reason why I didn’t glide inside u like clyde

it’s because of my pride

the reason why u never cried

the reason why I can’t ever be your guide

to that dark place that always made u feel like u died

the reason why our insecurities will never collide

the reason why no feelings will subside

the reason why I will never be in your past and used as a reason to hide

so I can’t be the reason why good guys get denied

it’s because of my pride

now don’t get me wrong, I can say hi

but I struggle with putting the feeling of lust to the side

that’s why I’m so quick in saying goodbye

it’s because of my pride


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15 thoughts on “My Pride

  1. this is a feeling i can relate to so well!

  2. This is really well done! Really liked reading it!

  3. You’re talented!

  4. Wonderful flow and emotion. It’s an honest experience, right? Sorry if I’m being too much, just say so. You can tell though. Great.

    • thank u….yeah most of my writings are based on true events…and you’re not being too much at all I love getting feedback and answering questions….keep them coming

  5. It’s because of my pride I won’t say this poem is all that and then some lol keep up the good work

  6. Appreciate the honesty.

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