Random Thought

Its a new year

so lets conquer another true fear

u have the option now to read or hear

I’m so different, I feel more like a foreigner

known to recline minds like furniture

I feel like I’m finally making a killing, but where’s the coroner

where I’m from it’s kinda hard because there’s one on every block

whether it be gang fire or shot by a cop

end story, innocence is taken, when will it stop

how many more parents will be forced to pick a spot to plot their seed or crop

how can twisted minds form a knot

and unravel things one couldn’t believe was true or not

instead of strengthening each other, we choose to rot

they say this city is bleeding within, but I choose to clot

just give me time tic toc…..tic toc

I should stop before I lose my top

let me switch it up because it seems I do that a lot

my flow suicidal

with scripted words like a recital

the truth will expose u, because thats what it supposed to do

I’m standing here idle

hoping that in this life of the next, Ill become someone’s idol

because I’m tired of cycling through all my rivals

I’m rifling my survival

each time I recycle my vitals

I hope my words spiral around u

if talent is what you’re looking for, I hope it finally found u

it’s a circus u tell yourself every time someone clown u

what’s the purpose of looking up when everyone down u

see that’s why u have to check and change the people around u

if u ride that wave too long it might subside and drown u

chicks always ask why u look like that, u mad, I tell them nah I just like to frown boo

she say she’s blind to the bs, so I tell her no worries because everything I say sound true

yup it’s profound proof

it’s a circus out here because even I like to clown too

18 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. Nice flow in your verse and you capture the madness happening on the streets.

    check this line. where I’m from it’s kinda had because

  2. Awesome sauce!! Lol no but seriously I really enjoy your poems. They remind me of things I see everyday. There is a lot of people you connect to and its awesome. With all that said, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I think you truly deserve it for the way you create a story with minimum amount of words. http://myselfthroughwriting.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/leibster-award/

  3. Great poem! I love your work already!!!

  4. Well written 🙂

  5. I really enjoy your use of word play.

  6. Thanks for dropping by again. I’ve read three totally different kinds of poetry this morning – love how the internet makes that possible.

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