Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Just in case I don’t get to ring in the new year the proper way with all my WordPress people/friends/followers/readers. I hope everybody have a very safe and enjoyable new year. 2013 was a building year for me and trust me 2014 you’re going to read/see a lot more from me. I currently been working on a poetry ebook that should be available in january 2014. As well as my first spoken word video, along with other things like various short stories. I hope to continue entertaining you in the new year and hope to make stronger bonds. Thank you all for everything, I really appreciate all my followers and readers

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year and hope 2014 is filled with all good things, my fellow Chicagoan:)

  2. Thank you for the visit, the like of my post “Just a Snowy Day in Chicago” and deciding to follow me.

  3. Happy New Year! May it be Blessed! ♫
    Ann Marie.

  4. Happy New year to you as well! Thank you for all of the reblogs , I appreciate it

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