Love Song (snippet)

This is our love song

lo lo

ve love

lo lo

ve love

said this is our long song

it was made just for us

more that just lust

strong foundation made from respect and trust

been a pair for half a lifetime and still can’t get enough

my turtle dove

my angel from heaven above

my love

lo lo

ve love

they say that we’re too young

we laugh like that’s dumb

I mean how old do u have to be to know that you’re drunk

the words rolling off the tip of her tongue had me sprung

from making love with the lights on

to writing u love letters to no ink is left, she’s the right one

we’re soaking up our passion like a sponge

I love to see u blush

more than a simple crush

my love

lo lo

ve love

12 thoughts on “Love Song (snippet)

  1. one turtle dove from above and she is LOVE ~


  2. Nice!! Can you sing? I want to hear this lol.

  3. Love the rhyme, beautiful Love Song.

  4. I thought the use of line breaks in the middle of the word love was effective, giving it no clear beginning and end.

  5. This is beautiful!
    Your writing style and rhymes are truly unique and inspiring.
    Do you accept nominations here? Because I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you do, follow this link to my nomination post for instructions on how to proceed
    If, however, you do not, take it as a compliment, ignore the rest, and have a wonderful day. All the best, LC

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