Random Thoughts

Went through life the hard way

my pace varied from day to day

at times my pride had some words to say

because nothing was ever given to me like free throws

since when these so called rappers in quotes

become heroes

something just don’t add up, their a bunch of zeroes

here we go again, let me not start

the last thing I wanted to do is disrespect the art

but c’mon lets be smart

u have to be on point like a dart

I’m allergic to bs, I can see it in the dark

trying to continue on this rod called life, but at a standstill like I’m in park

the dictionary is my park

my style is an acquired taste, so it might be a little tart

I came from street convos. that ended with folk or fin like that of a shark

wait…stop positive thinking

pay attention, no blinking

please don’t make me start drinking

because these sober thoughts got me sinking

the same insane thoughts has got me spinning

I guess the secret is out

my mind games slowly seeping out

the nightmares I keep them out

so I can seek out a better route

hopefully soon I’ll become what u read about

14 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Totally relatable even though we may not face the same problems.

  2. I usually don’t listen to rap, but I like how you express yourself in this, It’s good!

    And thanks for your like on my blog 🙂

  3. The current of your thought is very smooth. Very powerful. Thanks sharing.

  4. Wow. I love this! Great job.. Thanks for checking out my blog also. xo

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