Random Thoughts

Sometimes I don’t like what comes out when I go in

from the inside out I’m maced with sin

laced with hate within

but traced with fate, where do I begin

well I’m unstable but great with the pen

no need to pretend

on a scale from one to ten

I’m at a million to the tenth power of zen

bars toting

scars soaked in lotion

that tar coating my lungs like potion

the stars floating in motion

dehydrated by all this fake s***, but I’m untouchable because I float with truth

I’m anchored to my writing, what’s holding u

my flow deep, lines wavy, I can give u that ocean view

I’m considered as a chosen few

if this was a shrinking pool I guess I’m going to rack up as much as I can, where is my cue

u really trying to out think a fool, u better get a clue

smoke so much green I’m blue

my eyes crimson like the tide of that Alabama crew

u should be used to the usual, this isn’t anything new to u

10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Reads like song lyrics! Nice.

  2. Nice, but no surprise there. đŸ™‚

  3. this is danged good! I lov the lyrical bounce to the meter. nice work

  4. I really like your voice as a writer. My favorite thing is that your poems are so speakable, so audible. I heard once that a poem isn’t complete until you it is spoken out loud. I don’t know if it’s true. But if it is, your poems are so ready to be completed, so willing. I read it out loud and it got me on this whole train of thought…like how weird it would be to hear a work someone wrote spoken by a different writer. How does the songwriter feel to have their songs sung by a different set of pipes or played by foreign fingers? Weird, right?

  5. Wish you were writing and posting more poetry. Not enough…:) Look forward to your work.

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