Random Thoughts

I tried being her superman but she left me broken and paralyzed like mr. reeves

that’s why I sift those trees and breathe

I mean, only good things I did, rarely told her no 

spoiled her for the right reasons

but catch an attitude if I didn’t give anything that show

how low, but then again I was an amateur at this love thing

she was a pro

felt like I was buying her worth

but what did I know, as long as I didn’t get hurt

because honestly she was the first attempt

at that love thing, maybe I was rushing

and to think all those crushes I had didn’t prepare me for this kind of crushing

all that time spent, just to end up with nothing

I guess that sums up false hope

all that working, just to end up broke  

I’m starting to think this love stuff is a hoax


22 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. It’s not a hoax but you have to find the right person. Don’t give up or be afraid. Nice poem

  2. You have some great lines here! And even though the experience was bad, at least you made something beautiful here. Also I love the line breaks! 😉

  3. Beautiful.

    We must never be afraid to step out and give, even if we risk giving to receive nothing at all; because in fact, we receive the greatest thing in the end…..and that is, the lesson, my friend.

    Honesty will never do you like that! If you get me….


  4. Nice way to express being open. It’s refreshing when men can express themselves.

  5. No haux. It’s just not your time yet! Although all relationships require work, when you meet the person who is meant for you, the connection will be effortless.

    -Shanice Nicole

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