Random Thoughts

The words I disburse into a verse will grow on u as I unearth this curse Chicago my turf south side since birth I’m going to surf this new wave of attention they paying attention like I’m selling a dream a true write fiend and yeah I got that c.r.e.a.m. it’s in me like an ulcer but replace the cash with culture this is my art my sculpture but I can change it up like I’ll leave u decorated with metals to your chest like a soldier but that’s in the basement we just started this tour welcome this is my living room foyer I told u about the house I’m in but this was just a taste my friend so I hope u tune in because I want all eyes on me I even want your peripherals to zoom in……ok lets resume lets begin

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Sooooo, I’m guessing you just put pen to paper and in a matter of minutes you come up with a masterpiece?

  2. Ayyy check you posting the tat pics! Dope.

  3. Clearly WordPress via iPhone isn’t a good idea lmao! This comment was for your tat post lol hehe 🙂 .

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