It’s like poetic justice when it’s just us addicts to the love rush which is similar to a gun bust when we touch as cupid revolved around us we evolved far beyond “love bugs” but it’s crazy that I can say things like this and not know what love is but I know what trust is and I had faith that she would straighten me up as I sit here adjusted I know what lust is when I look at her the sudden urge to get drunk off her I know I’m stalling but isn’t that saying something if I don’t drink but yet willing to become an alcoholic she had me um what u call it, “whipped” well the fact that I called her master made it more symbolic so did I do the right thing when I ran away because deep down I’m no slave maybe it’s a phase but then again that’s kinda how I was raised then realized it’s not love because the only thing I was in love with was what she gave oh well I guess I have to restart this love game which was more like a maze to me everyday I’m amazed to see how depraved this society can be

25 thoughts on “Love?

  1. Oh damn…love the alcohol lines. And love how u inserted “um”…makes it…casual I guess. More like a thought process. Altho it’s a really clever and awesome thought process 🙂

  2. Nice…Your work is always relatable!

  3. oh wow, you said it so perfectly!

  4. I see the name realtalented fits you. Not many people are talented like this when it comes to words.

    Great piece! If you ever want to share in my space I’d be honored. I do a poetry spotlight every now and then!

  5. Can’t have love without trust so you’re already halfway there 😉 .

  6. I’d love to share some of your work with my students in my creative writing class (they’re inmates- aged 14-18).. would you mind? I feel like they would definitely relate to some of it!

  7. I like the flow of this! I don’t know you personally, but I can hear the melody and the way it’s supposed to flow! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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