Random Thought

A little simplistic how sadistic my mind works they say if u can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen and honestly that’s I’m pitching I’m slowly trying to loosen these lines that leave my brain in stitching I’m giving thanks for this thanksgiving they ask me how many lessons are u giving I say as long as they can respect talent it’s a given I’m stuck in a lyrical prison I hope I never see outside society that is they said it’s nonlethal I say more like poison that is exploding and corroding into pieces think I’m joking this heavy potion got me going posing as a writer but really a weirdo but that’s ok I’m still my own hero I write free verse but can create stanzas that resemble simple codes from nintendo I only pretend though hopefully you will be able to read my work on a kindle hold on I changed my mind I paid minds to pay attention but I never paid anything for my lines so pay attention or else I’m going to send u to detention u can read my lyrics, that’s the first step to prevention next u study them, that should be your intention then u will soon realize that the meditation from my lesson brings less tension I’m doing this for your own good there’s no pension real talk grown man status seriously no kidding I like being different 

4 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. Loved the word-play. I really enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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