Random Thoughts

My mind is in stitches and often glitches from time to time maybe my voice have the wrong pitches but it doesn’t matter because no one listens this little star is going to shine better yet glisten like a prism wish I knew the reason what’s the reason why people want to mistreat me do they know my secret, that I’m so sick I refuse treatment do I seem that creepy eyes not so clear lids glazed over like I’m sleepy u assume I’m high or sneaky just because I want to embrace everything beautiful u call me greedy unlike the words of tweedy what u thought u saw isn’t what it really is stick up kid not at all but don’t be so quick to decide u will be surprised how I handle mine I say something that will get your feet shuffling u will think it’s hammer time I get lost in my boredom when I hide from society that’s how I manage my time 

11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. do you have youtube channel or do you…perform anywhere? or do you just write these rhymes?

  2. You shine and everyone should see. Amazing words and depth.

  3. Holy cow, you’re great! I know exactly how you feel, too.

  4. This is a cool post! My favorite part is the line, “My star is going to shine better yet glisten like a prism.” Great word choice.

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