Un Apologetic

Un Apologetic

I’m unapologetic for the things I was born with
for the bad luck and trouble that persist
truthfully it made me better may I insist
had to change my life, this writing is a helpful assist
vague resemblance of a writer exists
it’s powerful how i can control words with just a flick of my wrist
I’m unapologetic for this book’s cover
they never told u it’s not good to judge others?
tired of nay sayers, haters, and blood suckers
u don’t appeal to me, you’re not real to me because it’s your life that suffers
my life is a clutter
but I’m finally straightening things up, where’s my swiffer duster
I’m unapologetic for my addiction to beautiful faces
and it’s true I love all races
because honestly I look for the angel that traces
I consume their auras just to get wasted
but nervous to approach them like they were sacred
with so many heavenly creatures I’m faded
I’m unapologetic for being elevated
how 420 is so regularly celebrated
ok maybe that’s a little exaggerated
I might be considered a pothead but I’m well educated
those euphoric buds really have me infatuated
got tired of people trying to school me, so I graduated
the person I’ve become is poetic
a little pathetic but u have to respect it
I am who I am, I’m unapologetic

33 thoughts on “Un Apologetic

  1. another brilliant write…love this

  2. This is fucking epic.

  3. This was awesome. Everything I always wanted to say so thank you :).

  4. I loved this! Thank you for the follow 🙂

  5. From one shamelessly unapologetic individual to another … thank you.

  6. Love this. I used to be a rapper so for me I understand the fire and God Given talent that burns a fire in your soul. Keep following your light…You gift is evidence of Gods love.

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  8. I like how you carried the idea of being unapologetic from start to finish, and I think the closing line really did it for me! 🙂

  9. Your poem reminded me of Desiderata of happiness from Max Herman? The question about one’s existence is highly personal..you define it, reinvent it or create it and you can do all things you did.You are the god of your perception.
    What others think does not define you, but them, from the narrow view of the un-initiated to life many possibilities..In some ways we are still in the cave, looking at the shadows on the wall of people passing by, thinking the shadows are real and so we live in fear and never meet the real people walking outside the cave in the sunshine of their perception.
    Walk in the sunshine..always

  10. “a little pathetic but u have to respect it
    I am who I am, I’m unapologetic “…you killed it! Seriously!

  11. Hey! Do you perform your work? I’d love to see a video!

  12. This is so awesome. Thank you for sharing this poem. Btw, thanks for following my blog! 🙂

  13. This is brilliant. I love the style and what you have to say! I can relate 100%. You are very talented. 🙂

  14. Great poem. Really enjoyed it and I’m happy that you are at the point where you realize you have nothing to apologize for.:)

  15. Thanks for checking out WordBowlbyMsCharlieS and introducing me to your powerful perspective!

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