Random Thoughts

Damn, right now I’m so high and I don’t want to get weighed down like a wet feather especially when it’s stressful on those rainy days like may weather be careful for what u say hit them like mayweather her name was heather she was a true treasure we made good music every beat by measure she was my pleasure even through all of her lectures we were tethered together simply because we were better together made me feel special because she told me she will see me whenever said she loves every endeavor and effort just to get her attention but was still on the fence or something until I showed her my extension no fronting on business when I showed up scoping u out like I was hunting she got my blood pumping my loins jumping the jealous type when I saw her with someone else so I decided to confront him moments later me giving this dude a beating like he was my stuntman got thrown out regret sunk in then felt a little sorry for all the lumped skin she came running out yelling that I’m dumped again and then told me not to come again damn another one decided to run again this the third club I was thrown out of incase u were wondering honestly it’s just a summer fling I know I couldn’t have said a dumber thing but I have to lie to myself because without them my confidence shrink, see I have more problems than u think   

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