Random Thoughts

Take your seat now because I’m about to use my words to give u a verbal beat down no cookies in the cookie jar because talent is the only thing I reach now the first call to opportunity they hung up so I just redial this writing stuff saved my life I’m not in those streets now u can put my words to beats or a freestyle but I don’t because I like my style though a little hostile its definitely worthwhile the life consist of reminiscent nightmares that’s why I usually put three in rotation like a turnstile this is it a one way ticket to my life snippet it’s different in a good way but truly sickening so buckle up because it’ll hit u like a head on collision with a monster truck as real as a dollar bill in me they trust it’s me they chose never just given to me like a free throw I’m respectfully trying to wear that number one on me like D Rose then maybe u will think “damn he’s bold”……truth told  

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. This is awesome peice. I love it !

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