Pass Her By (part II)

I’m walking to work as soon as I step in I’m looking around like an inspection then finally looked in her direction it’s like I have ADD with women one can’t hold my attention but she was different if I forgot to mention her ascension from heaven had me on hold like detention but it seems like when we are around each other there’s a little tension maybe I need an intervention it should be easier than this why must fear consist I mean it’s a risk but from what I can tell she know I exist lunch break is my one break to catch her off guard because she doesn’t know I’ve been down this road before and often left me scarred but I’m wiling to make an exception because she had me slipping and I fell hard but couldn’t shoot my shot because I was barred another man captured pure art they have a happy home too complete with yard she say they make good music together similar to mozart just listening to this makes my soul fart my life is a constant conflict sometimes it’s real crucial but I’ve learned to live with it because I have a cold heart but I know she’s in to me with me feeling the way I do it’s hard for her to be a friend to me how often do nightmares come true I mean I don’t want to jump the gun but now what do I do?

14 thoughts on “Pass Her By (part II)

  1. let go of your intention, go in with only affection that you are loved, let the blood race, get in front of its pace, let it push you to the dove, run into the fear she too is near, let your hand hold what your eyes wonder.

  2. Fell hard and twisted an ankle by the looks of it. *sigh*

  3. You have a way with words! Dope.

  4. This reads REALLY well aloud.
    You perform, I hope.

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