Random Thoughts

My heart gets cold over and over again like freezer burn I need to straighten things out my life need a perm nobody really told me what I need to learn no sticks seeds or leaves just trees to burn buds that is but let me not fall off topic love that is see I really don’t know what the trouble is it’s like love gets handed to me but I fumble so precious every time I get a hold of it, it crumble at this point I think it’s me so at this point I just consider it a waste of energy because somehow I’m always the enemy I try to life u up but said u were grounded that’s why u didn’t want my company I think it’s me maybe the pieces to my life don’t fit so comfortably and it’s still incomplete the thought of dying alone makes me sweat more than summer heat I feel love is so obsolete I’m over it so much for closure with all these heart breaks being numb will be a perfect gift 

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