Random Thoughts

The shyest but most confident guy u’ll ever meet but it seems like bad luck just keep sweeping me of my feet and accident waiting to happen and I’m not buckled to my seat so I collide with thoughts of suicide because my fate wants me to be the loneliest guy alive that’s probably why I strive to get so high in the sky and fly it’s a way to escape the feeling I put on hold for her withdrawal pain in my stomach similar to an ulcer because she has me pinned up like a poster desperately waiting for the words “come over” but no response I guess she knew that bs corresponds with who I am she saw it and heard it all before and to her I look like a sewage plant just because my past planned to make my life aslant or maybe I’m on a slope too considered blessed when I hold u it was a privilege just to know u I only had u in my sights can’t u tell by the way I scoped u everything I posed was true felt like I cheated at this game called life and u were my code who knew I swear those weren’t lies or dreams I sold u I did the right thing I was supposed to do but u misunderstood and chose to walk away now I’m left dumbfounded nothing smart to say every time i think of her I’m always one spark away to help mask the pain I don’t mean to complain but u never gave me a chance to explain look forget it how about we start over hello I’m cleveland what’s your name 

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. 😦 I’m sorry you feel this way…great piece though x

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