Tattoos (rough draft)

Now I’m not gonna lie when people see me they say i”m marked up more than city buses I love my tattoos because they cover numerous scars so u can imagine how much my skin toughens walking around as nothing a transformation forthcoming and I’m done yet I’ll just leave my earliest form in mourning because my being is going through permanent touring with the ink and needle a forever visual that illustrates the things I been through here I’ll describe a few my little cousin portrait who got killed by his own crew a frankenstein monster on my left arm to symbolize the fact that I’m so misconstrued I have a paper heart on my left sleeve to show that my love for writing is really true two scriptures I’ve learned and tried to live by straight out of the gospel viewed from a distance I could seem a little hostile but a microscopic lens can show u that’s not my lifestyle to show not to take my kindness for a weakness there’s a grim reaper who casts a shadow of a juvenile got my family tree on me because your loved ones are so crucial these tattoos are fruitful I’m giving out a spoonful hopefully it will sooth u from judging a book by it’s cover got a tattoo for my sister older cousin and brother and of course have one for my mother most of them are televised in black and white no color I’m usually the quiet type but my tattoos are loudly spoken for I feel this ink is weakening my core which doesn’t help because I’m always seeking more making it harder to ignore see most tattoos layer the skin but mine are absorbed 

16 thoughts on “Tattoos (rough draft)

  1. Great post. I don’t have any tattoos, but I do have a lot of scars.. Anyways, I think tattoos are walking art and it’s Beautful.. Well looking forward to reading more from you. Thanks for stopping by my page too. 😀

    • Thank u for reading and i totally agree…I’m looking forward to more of your work as well

      • Awhh.. Thanks.. Not much over here I’m just a wanna be writer and a hopeless romantic, I love writing, but lately I’ve been lets just say on vacations.. so posting mostly songs right now. And it was a pleasure reading your’s, yeah I thought you where a bit hardcore, but as soon as you mentioned your shy.. I kind of grasped your personality, plus you almost made me cry sorry for your losses hope you’ve been able to overcome your hard times, and may God Bless You with better moments. Life isn’t easy, but we all manage CHIN UP.. My new found friend.. (lol, I should speak, Im a bit weird sorry!):D 😀

      • Thanks i really appreciate it…and dont apologize i embrace weird….im a bit weird myself

      • yeah you just freaked me out!!.. jajaj just kidding you amazed me! It was refreshing to read that. Learned something new about you!! That’s always good. 😉

      • yup that’s the plan…but if u want to know more about me u can always email me

  2. Bam! wow. You sure your shy?? Would have never seen that coming! LOL Sounds good, and vise-versa!

  3. I love your writing style

  4. This is beautiful, I always appreciate meaningful tattoos, each tattoo representing something more than just ink! and yours sounds rather interesting

  5. This is pretty killer. There’s a great energy to it that propels you along through the writing. And the meaning, too, is pretty cool. Have you recorded any of your stuff onto SoundCloud? This just begs to be spoken out loud.

  6. Wow! Good story, poem, rhyme…love it. I don’t have any, but I really admire art and I actually love seeing tattoos on people.

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