Random Thoughts

My lyrical ability is also known as a spiritual remedy a series of soliloquies seeping from my brain a history of misery and pain trying to reach a plateau of not being flat broke I try to grasp hope I try to have my jokes and notes sail across the globe like boats to the non believers I mask them with smoke to the haters I declass them laugh at them because they’re a joke I have stories that will break your heart a minor stroke an optimist turned pessimist turned optimist that’s why I’m so confident can go up to anybody and tell them I’m what the topic is but I’m not a big talker I rather study people like a biologist I treatise different trees like a botanist and I save more memory than a floppy disk my mind talks to me maybe I need to see a psychologist I have more bars than colleges if u want to learn more then follow this 

7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. YUP, definitely talented!!!

  2. That first line was very powerful. And you have lyrical soulful voice ❤ very rare 🙂

  3. Man you’re such a great writer. Wow. Blown away every time.

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