Random Thoughts

I can’t afford to fail so I might just window shop because I’m trying to adopt the opportunity to have opportunity knock I’m really loving the essence of writing it’s really a blessing exciting to have a thought and be able to write it u should try it a way to only consume truth and get rid of bs a real diet this writing stuff is a riot now before I can get the world to start twerking to my verses shaking to these curses I’m going to write it first so it’s perfect and I bet you’re gonna rehearse it everyday like a worship I’m all about direction if it’s none left it’s not right so I left, right? I never let myself come down I’m always up off life of that other stuff my mama said I was special when she birthed me I guess I’m showing u it’s no bluff with mean lines that might be tough a bit rough but for some reason u can’t get enough got u hooked like a handcuff plus it’s crazy because all of this come off the dome like dandruff so let your mind become bristled with my words and in return let them massage your brain like a hairbrush that’s it I guess no more to discuss one love Chi town stand up 

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