Now I don’t like to segregate but this one is for the smokers everyday i wake up to the smell of bud like folgers I grab the buds grind them up then roast them now I’m toasted floating on the belief that I’m somewhere else invisible to the fact that my life is eroding it’s better not knowing I feel like riding this high because with it I become more creative and social am I medicated now, maybe but that’s not the issue although its sinful yet blissful it’s got me loaded like a pistol my mind blown I’m feeling naked but yet my mind is wearing thin like tissue the come down came around sundown I gotta lay down right now because cold reality covers all like an evening gown day after night joint after joint bowl after bowl this is my life now I feel the medicine taking its toll every time giving me a chance to talk to my soul so am I a plant head no my roots bare deeper in the soil I use it for an advantage keeps me connected to my inner being like bandwidth helps close open wounds like a bandage but how can I manage to not damage my message with every session its a lesson better yet a true blessing but then again I don’t do it much I don’t let it cripple me trust me I don’t need a crutch to help guide me with writing and such no it’s just something about that feeling of having your life at a clutch I can honestly say whenever I medicate I seriously feel touched 

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