Heavy Minded

They say when the head dies the body follows and I’ll be damned if I let anyone take my mind because unlike it my chest is hollow no heart rests just ribs and intestine no I wear it on my sleeve trying to hide it with a tee simply because I don’t want society to get a glimpse of me I’m on the go or maybe I’m stalling I’m so high or maybe I’m falling and I’ll be honest I think I can write or maybe it’s my calling can’t say that about a lot of music out here now it’s really appalling no lies about what I do I swear this is the real me talking 180 proof walking and I’m not trying to just open the door to this writing stuff I’m trying barge in because my mentals are not subdued by subliminals or laid to instrumentals this is real life a track record of the things I been through hopefully one day I can fill out a venue where my words will be the only thing on the menu because I want u the audience to eat my words swallow my sooth digest these sweet lines that rotten my tooth these metaphors will floor your foundation starting with the walls then the roof this is all of me the flaws the truth these issues that weigh so heavy on my mind I have to get them off my chest like a bench press as my will gets stronger my compositions are the proof 

2 thoughts on “Heavy Minded

  1. Great piece.

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