The first time I saw u I only wanted to explore u but after seeing more of u I started to adore u got harder to ignore u just wanted to wrap u up and coil u spoil u never ever turn u royal blue grown man so there’s no need to toy with u putting myself out there for u i pledge to u that no matter what I’ll be right there for u u mean so much u’re mean so what because at the end of the day u know I mean too much your eyes your touch it’s more to u than just your butt I promise if I told u how I really felt u’ll blush and I bet I could make u cringe with excitement if I told u what I would do to u because I mean look at u no really look at u u’re really beautiful too from your lips hips thighs right down to your cuticles u’re a sight for blind eyes a true visual been looking for someone like u all my life I’ve been wondering what’s taking u had plans for u even before your parents started making u trust me I’m not faking u u taught me love how to be sensible and taught me patience too almost cried when I started dating u I mean u’re breathe taking I swear every time Im around u I start suffocating it’s true I get choked up but thats ok because my actions speak louder than words so whatever I do for u it’s from the heart this fire won’t ever die on u i’ll even cry for u your heartbeat my lullaby whenever I lie on u so when people ask me what’s my number one love my answer will always be y o u 

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