Random thoughts

These are just a bunch of random thoughts literally emotional outbursts or better yet just me rambling really see people view me as lame weird and silly but I just use their self pity to build my confidence its not very witty to judge a book by its cover but its a practice so widely used which is pure ignorance absolute perception comes with time and in due time people will see absolute perfection through my eyes and my words like swords they pierce eardrums or hearts if thats where u hear from see I’m trying to leave a lasting impression with words that are worth more than money in this saddening recession see now there’s an all time high of depression which soon turns worse into aggression which gives way to more murder and suicide rates which at the end of the day cause repression if u listen hard u’ll see there’s a blessing in this message there’s no reason to want to get reckless for a necklace if u have god in your life and family on your side that’s all u need to survive just accept it the real gift is in this lesson and I’m handing out a lot so just consider them as presents these words are just my transition from a boy to a grown man from accepting handouts to holding my life in my own hand my words aren’t really what u may be used to but hopefully I use them right in order to move u   

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. I love the rhythm and cadence to your writing. Even the pieces that aren’t tagged as poetry have it to them as well.

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