I swear this is like surgery or more like burglary because I stole her heart I swear its like surgery because not even a scalpel can split us apart I swear what we have is surgery because it feels like our bones are reconstructing our ligaments being pulled together and our vibrations make music like strings of a harp see usually I make dumb decisions but this surgery is very smart where do I start late night at a local food mart is where I found a beautiful young woman and I’ll be damned if I didn’t think of ramming our cart see all I was looking for was that little spark to get things rolling came up with nothing had to reassess the situation then found out she smoking what a lovely token the situation then presented itself and was sweater than passionfruit how we broke down the stereotypes filled our brain shell with enthusiasm twisted our words flared up a conversation and what erupted was magical the rest was history or a crazy mystery because through our ups and downs I only think of the good ones and the times u were really missing me our love thick and passionate reassured me that u wanted me as your company our embrace so deep I can feel the bones from her pelvis I really hope she can stomach me charged with pleasure she screams soliloquies I swear to her my penis was her drug and every time I sting her she get a buzz like a bumblebee when we touch heat vents from us excitement drenches her leaving a stream coming out her pores the lord name gets involves and its volcanic at her peak she overspills oozing hot lava from her core often times left quite sore just like my heart once we started loving less and fighting more the smell of deceit filling my nose cavity the numerous times u lied to me I swear this is perjury us spending five years together connected at the hip now being separated with a quick snip I guess that’s surgery not only did u break my heart but u made me look like a fool for that second line if u really heard me watching u leave really hurt but the fact that u moved on so quick almost murdered me now I consider myself moved on I hope u never say a word to me left numb but still feel at times I reminisce about u and I wonder if our breakup was premature rather now Im abandoned because our love that we birthed wasn’t coming natural anymore instead had been ripped out of u like surgery¬†

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