Letter of sorrow

Lord I don’t mean to bug u but i feel my life’s in trouble I’m constantly on the bubble n my days r a continuous struggle but y me I try to do the right thing time n time again n I know I sin but I’m trying to overcome this just please tell me where to begin I attempt to live it up just to get beat down n whenever I feel I have a breathe of fresh air I drown no wonder I frown look at my odds a 3 at best living my days with this pain surging thru my chest from stress please lord help me pass ur test I leave my past at rest n live in the now it’s like I’m living a long fight n I’m finally ready to throw in the towel lord give me strength I know deep down I’m a good person but too afraid to show it worried the world would take advantage reasons y I consider myself a poet n I know I’m on a never ending list of people u don’t notice but given the things I quoted do I still seem hopeless if I kept working hard at this opportunity to get u to listen will I get promoted or will I end up no where like an engine with a dead battery should I just tow it no words can explain how appreciative I am for all u have done for me for my family n the lessons u taught me tho it may seem that I’m stuck it’s only cause im so unprepared for those long range problems but in good from putt lord the reason im living has not been clear I have so many questions to bare like where do u see me going next n more importantly y am I here I need ur guidance in this road called life with no license so I’m depending on u to steer regretful nights n stressful days lonely nights filled with pain followed by longer days filled with rage my heart feels empty eyes seems dry overwhelming sorrow fills my life as days go passing by n im just asking u lord please before I die u listen to my words n notice me like a star in the sky 

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